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Automotive Services

At Multiservicios Técnicos Nosara, we recognize the significance of owning a dependable and adequately serviced vehicle. That’s why we provide exceptional service and proficiency to guarantee your protection and contentment while driving. Entrust us with your automobile today.

Computerized Wheel Alignments

We specialize in Computerized, Laser-guided Wheel Alignments to keep your vehicle gripping the road and handling at its peak.

(Starting at 20,000 CRC)

Tire Rotations

Tire Rotation Service

Regular tire rotations help ensure even wear, and give our techs a chance to catch other problems before they become big problems.


Tire Repair & Replacement

We fix flat tires whenever possible, and when a tire is damaged beyond repair, we offer a wide selection of quality replacement options.


tire balancing

High-Speed Balancing

High-speed wheel balancing is essential to a smooth ride. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures a vibration-free driver experience.


Lube, Oil & Filter Service

The longevity of a vehicle begins with essential maintenance. Keep your engine clean and lubricated by having us change your oil regularly.



A complete tune-up involves changing spark plugs, wires or coil boots, air and fuel filters (when serviceable), and PCV valves (where applicable). Let’s schedule yours now!


Brake Services

Does your brake pedal pulsate? Do your brakes squeal? Does your steering wheel shake when braking? STOP playing with your life! Let us get you stopping safely.


Auto Washing

Our outstanding service extends beyond maintenance and repair. Keep your ride looking like it came out of the showroom with our Car Washing services.

(Starting at 15,000 CRC)

Suspension System Repairs

We replace suspension components such as shocks/struts, springs, ball joints/king pins, bushings, tie rods, sway links, axle/hub bearings, to keep your vehicle safe and smooth.

Computer Diagnostics

Is your Check Engine light on? Is your vehicle running sluggishly or rough? Do you seem to be using more fuel than you used to? If so, then have our expert mechanics diagnose your issue!

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We make it easy to schedule an appointment. Just fill out the form below and let us know when you wish to bring your vehicle in for maintenance. Someone from our team will contact you shortly to confirm the details.



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